Tide Over

“to help someone to get to the end of a difficult period of time”

What is Tide Over?

Tide Over is not a store.

We are a platform to enable you as an individual to buy a voucher to support to your favourite businesses who need it the most. Giving them a lifeline in times when the doors are closed.

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Find a business you want to support
Make a pledge with a voucher
Business gets cash now, not later
Redeem voucher from the business later
How do I pledge?

Select your business page from the tideover.co website, add your pledge (or multiple) to your basket, enter your details and payment information to complete the checkout process. You will then be sent a receipt with your pledge details, a unique code and the business repayment promise as a cash value.

What fees are involved?

The platform fees are 4% to cover the platform admin and page hosting costs, and a payment fee of 4%. The payment fee is covered the pledger giving the business the 100% value of the pledge.

So when do the business receive the funds?

That’s the part that puts Tide Over ahead of other similar platforms. The funds are held initially by Tide Over in a central holding account. The business will receive 75% of their payment within 7-10 days of your pledge. This allows your pledge of support to help your favourite business keep on running through times of forced closure and come back stronger than ever. The remaining 25% of the pledge will be paid out when the pledger returns to the business once the doors are open.

How does this benefit the business?

They receive much needed funds now, and then a further boost once they open their doors again. This allows them to repay the gratitude of the support and still have a portion of their income, and not work the first couple of months for free, repaying all the pledges.

How do the business track pledges?

All pledges will have a unique ID (sent to both Business/Indivudal and Pledger on recipe of payment) and when the business wishes to repay the support they can check change the status of the pledge to be repaid on a central list connected to the Tideover.co website, using the code the customer has shown on their pledge receipt.

What happens next?

The best part is the business have agreed to repay you to the value agreed at the time of pledge when they are back open for business. If you take your pledge receipt to the business they will repay your support to the agreed value with the supply of goods/services. It really is a win-win for everyone.

What if I want to change my pledge? 

Unfortunately once payments are made they cannot be amended nor cancelled

What if the business does not open again for business? 

A refund of 30% of the initial pledge, which you will agree is a safer guarantee than buying from the company directly. You collectively gave it your all to support your favourite business but unfortunately it wasn’t enough.